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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Matthew McConaughey, March/April 2011

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I want to ask you about the prices that I see printed in your magazine with the reviews of blind-tastings of various cigars. Specifically, the prices you claim to be the suggested retail on any and all Fuente Fuente OpusX cigars. I have done more than a little comparing over the years between the prices I see in your publication, and the prices I find at local retailers, as well as online purveyors. Typically the prices in the magazine are a little bit shy of what I am able to find them for, but they are in, what I would consider, an acceptable range of discrepancy, state taxes and federal taxes being what they are. For example, in your October 2010 issue you reviewed C.A.O's La Traviata Animado, (one of my favorite cigars of all time) and listed its price at $4.95. I've actually found them for less than that online, but retailers in the Seattle area sell them for $5.50-$6.
In that same issue you reviewed the OpusX Perfecxion No. 4, and listed its price as $9.75, and the OpusX Double Corona at $16. In another issue, the OpusX Pussy Cat is listed at $8.75. Where are you purchasing your OpusX cigars?! I have never even heard of one being sold for less than $10. Usually they're priced closer to three times that amount, and that's if there are any around.
So, there, that's it. Just curious. It wouldn't surprise me in the least to learn than you haven't actually paid for your own cigars in years, and the prices that get published are merely what someone told you they were pricing them at. But, if there's some secret retailer of ultra-premium cigars out there who is, in fact, selling OpusX cigars for less than $10, please let me know.

Dexter Carlson
Sammamish, Washington

Editors' Note: We simply publish manufacturer suggested retail prices. Just FYI, we purchase all our tasting cigars at retail shops in New York, but we can't control what retailers charge for sought-after brands like Fuente Fuente OpusX.

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