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Out of the Humidor

CA Readers
From the Print Edition:
Jim Belushi, November/December 2010

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Therefore my suggestion: please put the strength rating right below the wrapper section and shopping would be made much easier for me.

Michael Arendt
Marietta, Georgia

Dear Marvin,
This letter is penned to address Christoper Salvetti's (Dearborn Heights, Michigan) letter written in the August 2010 issue. I take issue with Mr. Salvetti's letter. Working folks, like him and I, should be inspired by the advertisements in Cigar Aficionado and products in the Good Life Guide. It not only shows the readers what the "other half" have the means to buy, it gives guys like me (and Mr. Salvetti) something to shoot for.

I guess I'm most bothered by the fact that it sounds like he has given up. I'm hearing, "I'll never get there, so why bother dreaming about a Triumph Bonneville or $35,000 watch." I say, shoot for that watch, celebrate those who have worked hard to earn the wealth required to own these items, and push yourself to get to the level where you can do the same, not just for you, but for your family or others. It is the American dream. Work hard, dream big, don't give up, and you can get there!

Cigar Aficionado should continue to showcase the premier products in their pages. When I'm in the position to make these purchases, responsibly and without massive, unjustified debt, I'll send you a picture. I will get there, as will my kids. I believe in the American dream, American ingenuity, and the American people.

Keith Northey Jr.
Woodbury, Connecticut

Dear Marvin,
In response to an August 2010 Letter to the Editor, Mr. Salvetti doesn't understand the meaning of good life.

A hard worker for his family? Congrats, so am I.

A disbeliever in real luxury? No.

No one can afford all and everything she/he may dream of-and maybe this "protection" is the best of all. If everyone could have everything, what would you be dreaming of and what would all this be worth anyway?

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