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Credo "3 in 1" Punch Cutter

Andrew Nagy
Posted: October 13, 2010

UPDATE: The rumors regarding a delay in availability are true. Credo confirmed on February 1, 2011 that it was unsatisfied with the quality of the final production of "3 in 1" cutters. The company said it anticipates that the "3 in 1" will be available for sale by mid-March at the earliest.

The new "3 in 1" Punch Cutter from Credo is a portable, simple-to-use tool that offers enthusiasts three sizes of cigar punch for cutting parejo-shaped cigars.

The cigar punch diameters on the "3 in 1" are 6 mm, 10 mm and 14 mm, good for cutting cigars up to 34 ring gauge, 48 ring gauge and 60 ring gauge, respectively.

According to Michael Gold of importer Arango Cigar Co., each of the punch blades are made of Japanese steel, and the body of the cutter is aluminum.

The lightweight body is the distinguishing feature of the "3 in 1." Two hinges allow the user to fold the cutter onto itself, making it travel-friendly since it can easily be slipped into a pocket.

To cut, simply unfold the body and choose the appropriate punch cutter size. Place the head of the cigar against the punch, brace the body with your hand and push. The blade slices clean into the cigar head and won't leave behind tiny bits of tobacco around the cut, like poorer quality punch cutters sometimes do.

michael lindamood white river junction, vermont, u.s.a., October 20, 2010 11:49pm ET
simon pearce (hand blown glass in vermont )has a research and design ashtray. please e-mail them about product suggestions or recommendations. i will be trying one out in november. i will let y'all know how it goes.
Lick Mabutt January 15, 2011 5:27pm ET
I have yet to see one of these for sale anywhere, and Credo doesn't have any info on them on their site. Any further word on it?
Zach Fein Houston, Tx, Usa, January 28, 2011 11:06pm ET
I emailed Credo about 2 weeks back. This is what they said:

"This new item supposed to be released in November 2010 has encountered
unexpected manufacturing problems. Thus we have had to postpone the
We hope to make the presentation in February."
Zach Fein Houston, Tx, Usa, March 9, 2011 10:48am ET
Update from Credo. "We have had to change manufacturer to reach the quality level we need. Thus the new manufacturing has been delayed..." "....I hope to have this new item ready in April." January 30, 2012 2:33pm ET
They are now available from what I can see on Credo's website,

I found the "square" model in Montreal for 60$ at Vasco cigars

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