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Dewar's New Look

Jack Bettridge
Posted: September 3, 2010

The venerable Dewar’s blended Scotch brand has introduced new packaging aimed at unifying the look of its portfolio of four expressions. In the bargain comes a vibrant new design for the 156-year-old Scotch.

The four expressions are the original Dewar’s White Label, Dewar’s 12-Year-Old, Dewar’s 18-Year-Old and Signature. The later three were introduced to the U.S. in a time frame that dates back a little more than the last decade. The packages were created with separate design aesthetics. The new packaging is tied together with a swooping curved-label motif that is realized in two separate paper labels divided by relief in the glasswork.

While similar in look, the expressions are distinguished by different colors. White Label is white with red lettering. The 12-year-old comes with a dark blue label, lettered in gold. The 18-year-old and Signature sport dark red labels and gold lettering.

The shapes of the 750 milliliter bottles also differ. The White Label is tall and slender. The bottles for the 12- and 18-year-old are shorter and wider. The Signature is the squattest of the packages and has a defined waistline.

Dewar’s brand managing director Fannie Young says the new exterior “fully captures the energy and vigor that defines the brand” and that it “gives consumers the opportunity to recognize the Dewar’s brand as a family, and to explore the portfolio as they become more familiar and engaged with the brand.”

The Scotches progress in taste from the light-and-bright-bodied White Label to the full-body and richest flavors of Signature, but all display the honey character of Aberfeldy, the single malt that is at the heart of all the blends. That character is partially a function of the large and bulbous stills employed at Aberfeldy distillery.

Dewar’s is also working with rock’n’roll photographer Danny Clinch to shoot the new labels and to work as a brand ambassador. Clinch says he was inspired by the new packaging, in part because he feels the curves mimic those of a guitar.

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