Pepin's New Look

America’s hottest cigarmaker, José "Pepin" Garcia, has a grand new factory in Nicaragua.

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"The love and consideration of the consumers is what make us proud. When any of us, including the rollers, go to an event and we can feel people like to see our job, give us their love, hugs and blessing, we feel really happy. I feel so proud of my family, their support and commitment following my dream, learning how to make cigars the same way I make them. "
The man's desire to improve despite all his success achieved is clear in his words. "This still is just the beginning for us," he says. "We do not consider ourselves a big company and that we have given all that we can. We will continue working even harder to give, everyday, more and more."
Ed Burke Hawthorne, NJ, USA, June 19, 2011 9:38pm ET
This man is a master to his craft. I've recently had the extreme pleasure of smoking several different lines of his cigars. They were all were outstanding! The "My Father Cigars" Belicoso took me to another place. There will always be a place for "Pepin" in my humidor.

Thank you.

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