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Out of the Humidor

From the Print Edition:
George Lopez, January/February 2010

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I was angry and feel like we are being discriminated against. I would not like it any more if it were a complete ban but this is completely unacceptable. I just wasn't sure who else to tell after I sent their corporate people my opinion earlier.

Keep up the good work. We do not need any more people trying to regulate our lives and enjoyment.

Ray Kunze
St. Louis, Missouri

Dear Marvin,
First, I must preface this email with the fact that I rarely partake in the smoking of a cigar, nor am I well versed in the rituals that take place when smoking one. I am not a smoker per se, however have found that I do enjoy a good cigar from time to time. With that, I find myself occasionally surfing the Internet for cigar-related information.

My interest in cigars grew after attending a wedding that had a cigar roller from Arthur Avenue in The Bronx, New York. He was making cigars for all the guests, and it was a great experience watching the man hand roll the cigar and then actually smoking it.

In my search for Web sites to enlighten me more about cigars, I of course looked at Cigar Aficionado's site. Each time I come to your Web site I find something new and interesting about cigars or related subjects like the type of spirits that can be paired with a certain type of cigar. And now I've come across a recipe for eggnog through the video section of your Web site. It was shot in the Carnegie Club in New York, and I have to say that this Christmas Eve I will be having an eggnog prepared as it were in the video, as well as smoking a nice cigar.

So all I would like to say is thank you for having such a nice Web site and keeping it to the liking of the rituals of what I am understanding a cigar is meant to be part of. Not that I want to be a snob or make it seem as such, but I want you to know that I feel it is important to appreciate a nice cigar and to know how the moment of smoking should be treated. Otherwise, I would just go to a drug store and get a cigar off the shelf or from behind the counter that was made by a machine. Your Web site seems to hold true to the values of a good cigar and all that goes with it. Once again, thank you.

Stephen Capella
Hamden, Connecticut

Editor's Response: We usually don't publish letters like yours, but thank you for the kudos. We are always glad to know that we are bringing a little pleasure to not only readers of the magazine, but people who come from

Dear Marvin,
SIGAR (the Yale Cigar Club) would like to thank Cigar Aficionado. This publication has helped spark interest in cigars on our campus and beyond as we expand to other schools. Can't wait for the next issue!

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