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Lopez Today

George Lopez has tackled the late night realm on television, and is bringing a quick wit and humor that ranges far beyond his Latino roots.
Marshall Fine
From the Print Edition:
George Lopez, January/February 2010

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The kidney for the transplant came from his wife, Ann: “Now that’s a wife,” cracked Arsenio Hall during a visit to “Lopez Tonight.” “His wife gave him a kidney. I can’t even get my woman to drive me to the airport.”

In solid health now, Lopez takes his relaxation from his regular golf game and his enjoyment of fine cigars. He’s even gone so far as to put his imprint on a personal line of smokes: the “Lopez Tonight” cigar that will be available this year.

“It’s not a novelty cigar. It will be a good cigar in different sizes,” Lopez says. “I smoke when I play golf, but I also smoke when I’m by myself and it makes me feel like I’m not by myself. If you have a cigar, it’s like a little bit of company."

At 48, Lopez is aware that he’s approaching the end of his fifth decade, the big 5-0: “I’m like Sarah Palin. I can see it from my front porch,” he jokes. “I even said the other day, ‘Not bad for a guy who’s almost 50.’ That’s insane. I’m about today, not about tomorrow.”

Four times a week, “today” means creating fresh and exciting TV on a nightly basis. Lopez is thankful that his years on the road gave him most of the tools to handle the job.

“That movie, Slumdog Millionaire, was about how the answers come to you at different times in your life and you have to go through those experiences in order to have those answers,” Lopez says. “When I was going through the hard years of stand-up, I got really good at being funny quick. I was funny in 30 seconds because there was no warming up with a lot of crowds. And that helps me now.

“When I was doing the sitcom, I used to get notes from the network that would make me want to strangle people. Instead, I would throw out the script and rewrite it on deadline to get it right. These are all things that make it easier to do a talk show.

 “I never imagined I’d be hosting a talk show. Now I want that reward of winning in this genre. That’s my goal. I’m trying to be the king of late night—el rey de la noche. That would be historical.”

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Eric Walker — Charlston , WV, USA,  —  August 30, 2011 8:49am ET

He's a good funny comedain it would be a blast to have a cigar and play some golf with him

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