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A Conversation with Partagás's Abel Expósito Diaz

Manager of the Partagás Store, Havana, Cuba
CA Editors
From the Print Edition:
Vince McMahon, Nov/Dec 99

(continued from page 2)

Expósito: The ones with the highest sales, and the ones I think have had the greatest acceptance, are Cuaba and Vegas Robaina. With Cuaba, the largest sizes are doing well. The small one (the Divino, 4 inches by 43 ring) has not had such great acceptance, but the Exclusivo (5 5/8 inches by 42 ring) has sold a lot.

CA: And what's your opinion about the latest brand launch, San Cristobal de la Habana?

Expósito: San Cristobal de La Habana is a very recent thing, so I can't give you any details. I can only say that my stocks sold out, and quite fast. It has had a significant acceptance, because those who have smoked them have called us already asking to reserve some more.

CA: Now for a more difficult question. It was a very big deal for us when Cuba changed its box codes. When customers come in and shop, do they look for the codes on the bottoms of boxes?

Expósito: Oh, the codes. (Smiles). They have been a headache. Many customers come in with the old code, the one they already know, and they want boxes with that code. They want cigars made at Partagas, La Corona, H. Upmann and Briones Montoto.

CA: They don't want cigars from the provincial factories.

Expósito: All those customers learned the old code by heart. But now, they are changed every month.

CA: How often do you get offered non-Cuban cigars from people who visit?

Expósito: Not quite often, but I have been offered non-Cuban cigars.

CA: Are they memorable?

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