A Conversation with Partagás's Abel Expósito Diaz

Manager of the Partagás Store, Havana, Cuba

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CA: How does the selection of cigars in Havana today compare to 1997 and 1995? What's the difference in terms of availability and supplies?
Expósito: The inventory has been increasing, of course. The robustos are not so hard to find anymore. There may be some, such as the Ramon Allones Specially Selected we were talking about earlier, which are not produced in large quantities. But robustos, generally, have increased. Churchills, which two years ago were hard to find, have also been increasing and are now available to everyone. Torpedos still do not meet the demand, and it is better to keep a few boxes for regular customers.
CA: What is the most expensive cigar that you sell, and how much does it cost?
Expósito: The Cohiba Esplendido, which costs $383 a box. The Cohiba Lancero costs $328, and the Trinidad Fundadore, which is thicker, costs $236. Cohibas are the most expensive.
CA: Very soon from now, Americans will come to Cuba for the latest cigar celebration. Given the recent angry debates between Cuba and the United States over Elian Gonzalez, what type of reception can Americans expect?
Expósito: The Americans who come here are always well received because Cubans understand the difference between the American people and the American government. The reception will be the same as the previous years.
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