Big Cigar Collection, Big Humidor

David Savona
Posted: July 22, 2002

You've outgrown your desktop humidor, your locker at the cigar bar is stuffed, and your buddies are sick of storing your extra cigars. (Worse, they keep smoking them.) So what's a cigar collector to do? Time to invest in a cabinet.

If you're in the market for large-scale humidified storage space, there's really only one name for you: J.C. Pendergast. The Racine, Wisconsin, company makes the finest humidified cabinets in the world.

A Pendergast has been put to perhaps the ultimate test in the offices of Cigar Aficionado magazine, storing box after box of cigars with ease for most of the magazine's nine-year history. That model is now joined by several larger cabinets -- all working without fail.

The unit is simple. A large reservoir holds the water supply, and there's no need to use distilled water in this model because a simple filtration system removes impurities. Change the filter every two months or so, fill the water as needed, and you're good to go. (Here at Cigar Aficionado, where humidor doors are opened several times an hour on some days, a weekly water change is essential; for at-home use, the water supply might last for a month.)

The cabinets allow serious collectors intent on aging fine stocks of cigars the luxury of storing cigars as they were packed by the manufacturer. Pendergast makes some models with all-wood exteriors, but we prefer the glass doors, which allow us to keep an eye on our favorite cigars. The CA Series humidors hold between 1,500 and 2,000 cigars, and retail for $2,495 to $4,695.

You can reach J.C. Pendergast Inc. at 888-486-4348.

James Poland Jr Branchland , West Virginia, United States, February 1, 2012 11:16pm ET
I have got one that is 48w x 79h x 20d and it is just wicked awsome. Super quality wood and spanish cedar. Mine cost $1699.

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