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Cuba : Latest News

Cuban Saint Luis Rey Premier Vertical

For the first time in our publication's history, Cigar Insider has conducted a vertical tasting of the esteemed Cuban Saint Luis Rey brand. See which...more

Posted: December 4, 2006    By Gregory Mottola

Cuba : Latest News

Premiere Tasting of Cuban Por Larrañaga

Cuba's elusive Por Larrañaga brand has never been rated blind by Cigar Aficionado or Cigar Insider. Outside of "Connoisseur's Corner," a special...more

Posted: September 15, 2006   

News & Features : Latest News

New Versions of Classic Brands from Cuban Imports

Michael Argenti, previously of Tabacalera Perdomo S.A., started his own company this spring with an unusual profile of brands. In cooperation with...more

Posted: August 25, 2006    By Gregory Mottola

Cuba : Latest News

Cuban Lawsuit Resolved in U.K.

Hunters & Frankau has retained its title as the exclusive distributor of Cuban cigars in the United Kingdom thanks to a court ruling in March....more

Posted: April 7, 2006    By Michael Moretti

Cuba : Latest News

Cuba Dealt a Glancing Blow from Wilma

As Hurricane Wilma raced through the Gulf of Mexico toward Florida yesterday, it dealt a glancing blow to western...more

Posted: October 24, 2005    By David Savona

Cuba : Latest News

Hurricane May Hit Cuban Tobacco Region

Western Cuba was placed on hurricane alert this week as Hurricane Wilma moved slowly toward the Yucatán Peninsula, packing winds of 145 miles per...more

Posted: October 20, 2005    By David Savona

News & Features : Latest News

U.S. Appeals Court Denies Cuba's Cohiba Case

A ruling this week could send the case for Cohiba all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. On June 6, the Second Circuit Court of Appeals issued an...more

Posted: June 10, 2005    By David Savona

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