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News & Features : Latest News

Carrillo Shipping 2013 Edición Limitada Now

Ernesto Perez-Carrillo and the EPC Cigar Co. are winding down 2013 with one last cigar: the Edición Limitada 2013, which is shipping now. The...more

Posted: October 18, 2013    By G. Clay Whittaker

News & Features : Latest News

Q & A with Kurt Kendall, Vintage Cigar Distributors

Kurt Kendall is one of the rare breed of retailers whose passion and palate led him to build his own cigar brand. The owner of Vintage Cigar...more

Posted: October 17, 2013    By G. Clay Whittaker

Cigar Toy : Cigar Toy

Crawford Rose Quartz Ashtray

A nasty rumor is circulating through the cigar community that the day of smoking glamor is gone. Not so. To paraphrase Norma Desmond in Sunset...more

Posted: October 16, 2013    By G. Clay Whittaker

News & Features : Latest News

Limited-Edition Cuatro Cinco From Joya de Nicaragua

To honor 45 years of cigar-rolling tradition, Joya de Nicaragua has announced Cuatro Cinco, a rare-for-the-company, limited-edition cigar that starts...more

Posted: October 15, 2013    By Andrew Nagy

News & Features : Latest News

Judge Strikes Down New York State Park Smoking Ban

Smoking is now legal again in New York state's 178 public parks. Last Tuesday, state Supreme Court Justice George Ceresia ruled that the state...more

Posted: October 14, 2013    By Andrew Nagy

Cuba : Latest News

New H. Upmann Connossieur A From Cuba

If you were at last month's Inter-tabac Fair in Dortmund, Germany, you may have had the opportunity to smoke the Cuban H. Upmann Connossieur A. It's...more

Posted: October 11, 2013    By Gregory Mottola

News & Features : Latest News

Firestone Walker Wigs Out With Velvet Merkin

Most will smile when they hear the name Velvet Merkin, Firestone Walker Brewing's newest limited-edition beer, but cigar lovers should smirk knowing...more

Posted: October 11, 2013    By Andrew Nagy

News & Features : Latest News

Cigars At Aureole

In the mid-1990s, it seemed that cigar dinners were everywhere. But changing laws have cut down severely on such events. On October 15, Aureole in...more

Posted: October 11, 2013    By David Savona

News & Features : Latest News

A Trio of New Smokes From La Flor Dominicana

Most cigar companies save their big debuts for the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers trade show each summer. La Flor Dominicana, though,...more

Posted: October 10, 2013    By David Savona

News & Features : Latest News

New All-Nicaraguan Romeo y Julieta

For the first time ever, Altadis U.S.A. is releasing a version of it's famed Romeo y Julieta brand made entirely of Nicaraguan tobacco. The RyJ by...more

Posted: October 9, 2013    By G. Clay Whittaker

News & Features : Latest News

Eiroa Moving Wynwood

The Wynwood Cigar Factory is moving. The small, colorful factory, which presently is located in the Wynwood Art District of Miami, will be folded...more

Posted: October 8, 2013    By David Savona

The Good Life : Latest News

Ashton Cigar Bar, Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of my favorite cities in the world. I could not have said that even five years ago, but now Center City, the revitalized and...more

Posted: October 7, 2013    By Alejandro Benes

The Good Life : Latest News

Rye Gets a Vermouth Finish

One of the great moments in cocktail history came sometime in the 1870s when some unknown alchemist poured vermouth into a shaker with rye whiskey to...more

Posted: October 4, 2013    By Jack Bettridge

News & Features : Latest News

Smoking with Siragusa

Larger-than-life football star, TV commentator and man-cave creator Tony Siragusa always speaks his mind

Posted: October 3, 2013    By Kenneth Shouler

Cigar Toy : Cigar Toy

Castine Candle’s Man Cave Collection

A candle, most cigar enthusiasts would argue, does not belong in a man cave or a tobacconist's shop. But what about a candle that is housed in a...more

Posted: October 2, 2013    By Andrew Nagy

The Good Life : Latest News

Puffing in the 2013 Baseball Playoffs

A Guide to Find a Place to Smoke in the MLB Playoff Cities

Posted: October 1, 2013    By Alejandro Benes

News & Features : Latest News

Tatuaje Reveals Monster Series List

Just when you thought Jason Voorhees, the fictional villain from the Friday the 13th horror movie franchise, was finally dead, he's back. Not for yet...more

Posted: September 30, 2013    By Andrew Nagy

The Good Life : Latest News

Camus’s Family Affair

Camus, the largest of the independent, family-owned Cognac houses, is introducing Camus Family Legacy, a tribute to its five generations of...more

Posted: September 27, 2013    By Jack Bettridge

News & Features : Latest News

Wynwood Partner Departs From Cigar Factory

Christian Eiroa of CLE Cigars and the Wynwood Cigar Factory in Miami, announced that his Wynwood business partner, Robert Caldwell, has left the...more

Posted: September 26, 2013    By Gregory Mottola

Cuba : Latest News

New Montecristo Double Edmundo Ships Globally

It's been seven years since there's been a new Montecristo from the core line. Now, the iconic Cuban brand has a new size, Double Edmundo, and it's...more

Posted: September 25, 2013    By Gregory Mottola

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