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Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill

Cuba's newest robusto debuted during the island's annual cigar festival in March 2006 and the delicious cigar became one of the most sought-after in 2006. But production at the H. Upmann factory in Havana was always sporadic, so many markets did not receive the cigars, which were sold in both tubes and boxes. For example, at one time the Cubans had the cigars but they didn't have the tubes to ship them. Then they had the tubes and not the cigars. Despite the glitches in establishing the Short Churchill in the market, the robusto, which measures 4 7/8 inches long by 50 ring, is a smooth and rich cigar worth seeking out. It's medium to full bodied and packed with leather and coffee notes and a touch of sweet wood. Considering the popularity of its 7 inch by 47 ring gauge big brother, the Romeo y Julieta Churchill, the brand's new robusto is destined to be another classic that any Cuban cigar lover will enjoy smoking.

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