Oliva Serie V Belicoso

Oliva had power and richness in mind when it first released the Serie V in 2007, but the company aimed for complexity as well. Made with a dark, high-priming wrappers and Nicaraguan filler, this cigar loads the palate with flavor. The Belicoso is also strikingly well made—pristine wrappers, symmetrical taper and absolutely no soft spots along the body of the cigar.

The draw is lush and substantial despite the copious amounts of tobacco. Much of the cigar’s strength is drawn from ligero culled from Nicaragua’s Jalapa valley, a growing region known for producing powerful tobacco. Like wine, the quality and character of tobacco can vary from crop to crop and while Serie V cigars have registered in the past as being full of coffee and cocoa, this year’s Belicoso has a profoundly savory character that leaves distinct impressions of leather and nuts with a sweet, spicy undertone.

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