Camacho Corojo Figurado

Corojo tobacco was created by the Rodriguez family, and gets its name from their famous pre-Castro Cuban tobacco farm called El Corojo. Corojo seed grows into delicious tobacco, but it’s exceptionally hard to grow and quite vulnerable to disease. The father-son-team of Julio and Christian Eiroa, who farm in Honduras, are among the few people who still grow the seed variety (Cuba abandoned plantings of Corojo years ago).

The wrapper is used on the delicious and hearty Camacho Corojo line of cigars, which are now part of the Davidoff group. Reddish brown in color, the Camacho Corojo Figurados are tasty and bold, with exciting flavors of leather and earth culminating in a cocoa and nougat sweetness.

Note: Original versions of this writeup called the cigar Camacho Corojo Torpedo, which is incorrect.

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