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Puros Indios Viejo 1999 No. 4 Especial

Rolando Reyes Sr. is a rarity among cigar factory owners, as he was originally a cigarmaker. Credited by some with having the best hands in the business, Reyes is also an admittedly tough boss: he has flipped over the table of a wayward roller to make a point, and likes to slip clumsy workers notes with the word ojo, Spanish for "eye," to let them know he's watching. Reyes makes wonderful blends that tend to be medium bodied, and recently he and his family have been setting aside small amounts of cigars to age for several years as part of this special Viejo line, which they release in small batches. The No. 4 Especial measures 5 1/2 by 45, and has a woody and earthy flavor.

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