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The 25 Best Cigars of 2005

We rate some 80 cigars in every issue of Cigar Aficionado, and typically three or four stand out from the rest. After a year of test-smoking, a few dozen rise above them all as truly remarkable. But how do you select one to name as the best? That was the task facing the editors of Cigar Aficionado at the end of 2005 as we pored over the taste tests from that year's issues of Cigar Aficionado magazine and Cigar Insider newsletter in search of our favorites. Hundreds of cigars were considered. In the end, we selected 25 as the best to buy right now.

One, a classic, stood at the top of the list.

This is the second year we have chosen a No. 1 cigar. As we did last year, we resmoked the top-scoring cigars of the year. As we do for each taste test, we smoked them blind, without identifying bands.

The scores that appear with each cigar here are the results of multiple tastings from the magazine, the newsletter and the repeated special tastings conducted specifically for this story. But the cigars in this list have impressed us in ways that transcend their scores. One additional consideration was price. While many of these cigars are among the more expensive to be found anywhere, several are true bargains. Consistency was another factor. We also considered availability, and production estimates are included with each rating. Many of these cigars will be difficult to find, but some are easily purchased. (One is likely to be found in nearly every smoke shop in America.)

This collection represents the best of the worldwide cigar market. On its own, each cigar is extraordinary. Taken together, they would fill a humidor that would be the pride of any serious cigar aficionado.

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