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In the September/October 2010
Cigar Aficionado

Adrien Brody

In the October issue of Cigar Aficionado, Adrien Brody talks about his film career and immersing himself into his characters. Also, read about the winning style of South African golfers, the difficulties the Padróns encountered starting their company, and an interview with the "Most Interesting Man in the World."

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Cover : Taking a Brody - Actor Adrien Brody throws himself headlong into his roles—suffering the deprivations of his characters and unerringly coming up with a winning performance.

    Golf : Winning South African style - When Louis Oosthuizen topped the British Open field by seven strokes, he furthered a South African tradition that has produced more postwar major tourney winners than every nation but the U.S.

    Gambling : Online, offshore and outrageous - Offshore bookies who ply their trade online offer gamblers smaller vig, better odds and a wide array of wagers that favor sports bettors. In return, they enjoy new ways to track bets and set lines.

    Cars : A country club for your ride - Own a super sports car? Great! Now, where ya gonna put it through its paces? Car country clubs with performance-level tracks and pits, as well as club pros, are revving up around the country.

    Tech : The ipad: a second look - With the hype over, we take an unblinking look at what Apple’s Steve Jobs called his most important creation and ask, “Could we live without it?”

    Watches : The year’s top 10 - This year’s watch fairs offered more than enough impressive pieces to make paring the choice to 10 a happy chore. Innovation and creativity abound amongst a softer price structure, but classic is back.

    Profile : Jonathan Goldsmith - He plays “the Most Interesting Man in the World” in the successful Dos Equis commercial campaign, but to hear the veteran actor spin stories, you might think Goldsmith himself could take the title.

    Interview : The Padróns - Family patriarch José Orlando Padrón faced an uphill battle to turn his cigar brand into one of the world’s celebrated smokes. He and son Jorge recall the political disruption and assassination attempts that threatened the company.


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