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Maggie Siff

Maggie Siff plays some of the toughest—and smartest—characters on television. Read all about her career playing powerful women, from “Mad Men” to “Sons of Anarchy” to her current television series “Billions,” in the August Cigar Aficionado. Plus, we explore the top new golf courses in the United States, sit down with sportscaster Jim Rome, and take a look at Cuba's tourist boom and its resulting exorbitant price increases. Also, we rate 80 premium cigars across six categories: Churchills, corona gordas, figurados, miscellaneous, petit coronas and robustos.

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Editors' Note
An Open Letter to Newly Named FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb

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Good Life Guide

Custom quinine water spruces up your Gin & Tonic.

Unleashing the big dog with Titleist.

Bone china lends class to ashtrays.

Sailing and watches have a world-class connection.

The LC500 leads the charge for Lexus.

Vintage baseball is the new/old craze.

Arrive by boat at the Boston Harbor Hotel.

The classic blue blazer gets some new wrinkles.

The right knife for the right slice.


Roaming With Rome
Decades into an obsession that began as a child, sportscaster Jim Rome is still single-minded about games—and, oh yeah, a drink and a choice cigar.
Siff And Her Billions
From “Mad Men” to “Sons of Anarchy” to her current television series “Billions,” Maggie Siff is no stranger to playing powerful women.
The New Courses of 2017
After a dark era of little action, new golf courses are springing up with fresh trends. Some layouts are more forgiving, many are remote and some play backward and forward.
Blackjack’s Secret Society
Once a year, the world’s best blackjack players gather in secret to show off their skills, engage in camaraderie and crown the player of the year.
Mercedes Opens Up
The world’s first automaker is widening its options with performance roadsters, green machines, self-driving cars and, of course, luxury rides.
Gin Is Back In
Think of it as the oldest, most complex, most arcane version of flavored vodka imaginable—or just take it as it is: a fine beginning to a great cocktail.


Connoisseur's Corner
A pre-Castro Cuban puts on a 100-point performance in this edition of Connoisseur’s Corner. Also, several big Cubans perform well, as do a pair of aged, standout cigars from the Dominican Republic and Miami.
Heirloom Seeds
For leaf innovation, cigar companies are looking into their seed vaults for tobacco strains of the past and finding newfound flavor.
Cuba Report
The Cost Conundrum
While restrictions on Cuba tourism have loosened and many new travel opportunities exist, bargain prices are disappearing.
Made For You
Made For You
A luxury look at lowly burgers; one-of-a-kind watches; a Sgt. Pepper celebration; floating light bulbs; retro ashtrays; and e-bike extremes.

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