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Between his platinum records, a movie acting career and his cultivation of talent on “The Voice,” the popular entertainer known as Usher is also a passionate cigar smoker. The October issue of Cigar Aficionado profiles his rise to fame. Plus, Padrón celebrates 50 years in the cigar business; our annual NFL football season preview; a behind-the-scenes looks at television's "Shark Tank"; and a profile of longtime sportscaster Dan Patrick.

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Good Life Guide

Apple gives away its latest upgrade.

Blended Scotch makes a statement.

Take a shot at fun with sporting clays.

Vintage posters class up your man cave.

Watches with antimagnetic personalities.

BMW i8 delivers electric excitement.

Taking the waters—and the golf—at Bedford Springs.

Forget video games. The pinballs are still rolling.

The white shirt proves it’s not so basic.

Going beyond whole hog.


Ushered to Stardom
Between his platinum records, his dance moves, his movie acting and his stewardship of talent on “The Voice,” the entertainer called Usher is the whole package. And, oh yeah, he has eight-pack abs.
The Word Game
Playing out all at once on a stage with 18 different arenas, television golf is complex theater that takes knowledgable and nimble commentators to narrate—a whole lot of them.
The Tournament Paradox
Tournament gamblers often find themselves in the strange position of hoping the house will win, and strategy can turn upside down when they’re not so much playing for themselves, but against the other guy.
Diving Into the Shark Tank
The American dream is alive and well on ABC’s Friday night hit “Shark Tank” for contestants who have what it takes.
Pigskin Preview
Our gridiron guru assesses the state of the National Football League and predicts final standings for each division as well as the eventual Super Bowl champion.
What Defines Luxury?
Between classic highline carmakers who are mining the crossover and sport-utility segments to create their latest cream puffs and traditional economy brands gone upscale, luxury is hard to define.
The Best of Times
Our list of 10 of the year’s most outstanding wristwatches includes esoteric complications and just plain-old skillful execution.
Strong Suits
In today’s fashion climate, the best tailored ensembles are those that can be dressed up or dressed down.


Dan Patrick
The Emmy-winning sportscaster and veteran of “SportsCenter” has brought visual fun to simulcast radio and now takes another television turn with this fall’s premiere of “Sports Jeopardy.”
Padrón at 50
In 1964, when José Orlando Padrón first made cigars for the expatriot Cuban market in Miami, success was not a slam dunk. A half century later, he looks back at his rise to cigar stardom.
Cuba Report
Bonafide Behike
The gilded wow factor of the Cohiba Behike cigar band is more than just good looks. Stopping counterfeits is the point.

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