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In the March/April 2014 Cigar Aficionado

Andy Garcia

Andy Garcia built his career with a laundry list of Hollywood hits. Today, he’s following his passion by writing and directing films of his own. In the April issue of Cigar Aficionado, Garcia talks independent film and the creative process. In addition, we judge the best sports radio shows currently ruling the airwaves, take a look at Chinese Poker, the hottest new gambling game, and talk with former footballer Carl Banks about his favorite cigars. All this and more.

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Ironic and Absurd

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Good Life Guide

Cigar appurtenances celebrate the Year of the Horse.

Sony makes a pro of your camera phone.

When Cognac shows off its hyper high end.

The minimalist shoes that cure the running blues.

Carbon is the go-to material for sporty watches.

Range Rover Sport is as much fun on the road as off.

Dining above the clouds: Dubai’s At.mosphere.

Golf carts go hovercraft.

Waxed-cotton jackets recall the grand-daddy of tech fabrics.

Cooking with whiskey adds a kick to any meal.


Garcia: A Passion for Film
While Andy Garcia made his bones as an actor in mainstream movies like The Untouchables, he often takes on the role of independent film writer and director to get the projects he wants produced.
Eyes on the Balls
With golf balls representing at least a billion dollars in annual business, manufacturers target them for constant improvements. Do they really live up to their high price tags with longer drives.
Chinese Poker
With names like “pineapple open-face Chinese poker with fantasyland,” it’s no wonder that the newest rage in gambling is, well, inscrutable.
Secrets of Vegas Unveiled
A look into the hotels-within-hotels of Las Vegas reveals hidden hideaways formerly reserved as exclusive comps for high rollers.
Radio Active
In the world of talk radio there is nothing more volatile, caustic and bombastic than sports shows. In a game of opinions, we judge the field.
Look, Mom, No Hands
Once purely science fiction, driverless cars are showing up as prototypes. Are fully automated—and safer—street cars far down the road?
The Non-Swiss Watches
It may seem like Switzerland has forever had a lock on fine watchmaking, but horology has a global heritage—and it’s growing again.


Connoisseur's Corner: A Perfect Punch

Carl Banks
As a New York Giant, Carl Banks was a member of one of football’s greatest linebacking crews, but he always had his eyes on a future away from the game.
Non-Cubans' Global Outreach
Traditionally, non-Cuban cigars sold strictly in the U.S. Now makers are finding a worldwide market for their brands, even as they compete with Havanas.
Cuba Report
The Rarest of the Rare
The Partagás Lusitania version of Cuba’s Gran Reserva has been released. Selling for more than $100, it’s only the third of its line—and we tasted it.
The Third Nicaragua Tobacco Festival trumpeted a burgeoning region that is now responsible for a third of cigars sold in the United States.
Made For You
Made For You
The biggest baddest barbecue brush of all; spice like a super chef; lightweight rainwear for golf; the lushest of leathers; a flask with the Stanley touch; and personalized putters.

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