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In the November/December 2013
Cigar Aficionado

Liev Schreiber

Liev Schreiber portrays Ray Donovan in the cable-television show of the same name. In the December issue of Cigar Aficionado, Schreiber talks about what it’s like to play such a challenging role. Also, we rank the 25 best golf resorts in the United States, discuss the conspiracy theories surrounding the John F. Kennedy assassination, and profile a group of jet-setting poker players. Plus, we present our annual holiday gift guide of cigar accoutrements, and offer a Q&A with tobacco man Nestor Plasencia Jr.

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Cover : Schreiber the Fixer - The actor Liev Schreiber gets his breakout role on Showtime’s “Ray Donovan” as a complex amalgam of menacing hardguy and flawed family man.

    Golf : The Master of Links - The greeting card magnate Mike Keiser has made his mark in golf course development by promoting traditional dunes-style layouts throughout the world.

The Game's Best Resorts - A poll of our panel of experts reveals the 25 best golf resorts in the United States, plus a list of the top 10 destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico.

    Gambling : Airlift Poker - A new jet set of young poker stars finds itself globe-trotting—and living the posh life—in search of the elusive next, best game.

    Sports : Hidden Rules - Every sports franchise knows that the race is not always for the swift. Teams must choose wisely in the risky, and arcane, business of making pros out of amateurs.

    Cars : The 'Vette Revamped - The seventh incarnation of Chevy’s legendary American sports car marks the return of the Stingray badge and stands to compete with world-class rivals.

    Watches : Flight Attendants - The advent of manned flight spawned a new category in timepieces: multiple-time-zone watches.

    History : The Kennedy Theories - Fifty years after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the sad fact is that part of the 35th president’s legacy has been a cottage industry for conspiracy buffs.

    Planes : Jet Parity - Once attainable only by the super rich, private jet travel has rebounded since the economic downturn with more affordable options.

    Industry : Made For You, December 2013 - Custom shirts in the U.S.A.; a digital Hasselblad camera; walking the course in comfort; Bourbon-barrel furniture; cocktails spun, not stirred; and headphones for your guitar.

Wacko Tobacco - Oddball tobaccos—types usually found in pipe blends, snuff and cigarettes—are finding their way into cigars and creating a new breed of blends.

    Q&A : Nestor Plasencia Jr. - Born into a tobacco family, the vice president of Plasencia Cigars and Plasencia Tobacco was destined for a life in the leaf.


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