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Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci's biggest passions are acting, cooking and smoking. Read about this Renaissance man in the October issue of Cigar Aficionado. Also, we look at the 11 PGA golfers who won their first tournament this year, and we examine how investors are again looking at Las Vegas in a positive light. And, we offer our yearly NFL preview. Plus, editor and publisher Marvin R. Shanken remembers the late James Gandolfini; and senior editor David Savona brings us into the world of Connecticut Broadleaf.

Up Front

Editors' Note
The State of Cigars

Out of the Humidor

Good Life Guide

Swann helicopters are your personal drones.

The right glass for the right whiskey.

The Only Green brings every putt home.

Humidors get a contemporary facelift.

Moon-phase watches do it monthly.

F-Type has Jaguar back in the sports car game.

Gritti Palace: the place of Venice nobility.

Trapeze flying without running away with the circus.

Taking wing-tip shoes for a test flight.

Learning to love sweetbreads.


Remembering James Gandolfini
He played a ruthless mobster on TV, but the talented actor showed his true character by insisting on full recognition for the rest of “The Sopranos” cast. Editor and publisher Marvin R. Shanken remembers.
Stan the Man
Stanley Tucci has a full plate—in more ways than one. While the distinguished actor is enjoying a full round of movie roles, he also relishes his life as a gourmet.
The Breakthrough Victory
This year’s PGA tour has been littered with first-time winners (11 by the end of July). And for those happy newcomers to the club comes a host of other benefits.
Betting on Vegas
Investing in Las Vegas used to be seen as a sucker bet. Now, a lot of smart money thinks the town’s on a roll again.
Pigskin Preview
Our NFL prognosticator takes a look at the coming year with its plethora of off-season maneuvers and makes his picks.
The Best of the Best
A visit to the Basel watch fair inspires a top-10 list of timekeepers that run the gambit of elegance, innovation, durability, precision and fun.
Wonders of American Whiskey
The world is waking up to the high-quality whiskey from the U.S. of A. Now the only thing we have to fear is shortages.


Connoisseur's Corner: Five Cubans from the 1988 to '94 Period
The years 1988 to 1994 were exceptional for the production of Cuban cigars.
Ashlan Gorse
All that red-carpet time may make her seem like a girlie-girl, but behind her knockout good looks entertainment reporter Ashlan Gorse is a tomboy at heart. She loves adventures, hot cars and a great cigar.
The Broadleaf Boom
Forget the shade. Connecticut’s other wrapper—dark, rugged, earthy broadleaf—is gaining a following from smokers and cigar makers. Besides cloaking machine-mades, it covers some classic smokes and trendy newcomers.
Cuba Report
Going For Girth
Once relegated to waistbands south of 50 ring gauge, Havana cigars are bulking up. The movement that’s long rocked the rest of the tobacco world has caught on in Cuba after the success of Cohiba Behike cigars.
Made For You
Made For You
Out-of-this-world jewelry; model food; a customizable brolly; vintage Land Rovers; hybrid clubs and Rat-Pack caliber suits.

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