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In the July/August 2013
Cigar Aficionado

Jeff Bridges

Actor and musician Jeff Bridges has brought an understated style to the silver screen for decades, but a love of music turned him into the guitarist of his boyhood dreams. In the August issue of Cigar Aficionado, read about Bridges’ take on becoming a cult character and his taste for a good smoke. Also, we highlight Northern Ireland's golf scene, take a look at social media gambling and explore Art Basel Miami Beach. Plus, we interview Javier Estades, head of Altadis U.S.A., and delve into Miami's resurgent cigar factory scene.

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Cover : Bridges to Fulfillment - Having enjoyed a distinguished career as a screen actor, Jeff Bridges is finally realizing his real dream: a teenage fantasy to be a rock star. His Oscar turn as country singer who lost his way in Crazy Heart was the impetus this Fabulous Baker Boy needed to climb on stage in earnest.

    Golf : The Lure of Northern Ireland - Often overlooked in the shadow of Scotland’s legendary golf terrain, Northern Ireland offers a range of gems of its own. But it’s the classic links courses, laid out on the Causeway Coast, that stoke the wanderlust in American golfers, despite the country’s political problems.

    Gambling : Gambling Moves to Social Media - When the United States government shut down pay-for-play online poker, a void was left in the buzzing world of online gambling. Today, casinos and gamblers alike are crazy about playing video poker and slots via social media sites such as Facebook—even with little real money at stake.

    Tech : Set Your Music Free - Put away your headphones. Cut those cables. With wireless speakers and whole-house systems, your listening pleasure no longer need be tethered to anything but the air around you.

    Art : Florida's Great Art Party - Art Basel Miami Beach, a satellite exhibition that has come to dwarf the original Swiss fair, lights up southern Florida every year with an orgy of art acquisition and people watching.

    Profile : John Langeley - The pioneer of reality television, “Cops” producer John Langley, recalls his troubles with selling the concept—and still keeping it real. Twenty-five years later it’s going strong enough for him to indulge his passion for cars, wine and cigars.

    Industry : The Miami Migration - Cigar factories are returning to Miami in a trend that seems to defy economics.

    Cuba Report : Auction Resurgence - After a hiatus in which Christie’s stopped offering Cuban cigars at auction altogether, the market for connoisseur cigars is once again burgeoning and record prices are being realized.

    Interview : Javier Estades - The head of Altadis U.S.A. talks about his ascension to running the business in the world’s largest cigar market and the hands-on approach his team takes to reshaping the brand portfolio.


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