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In the May/June 2013
Cigar Aficionado

Laurence Fishburne

Laurence Fishburne is serious about his craft but has made sure that cigars play a role in his real life. Read about his distinguished career and smoking preferences in the June issue of Cigar Aficionado. Also, read how Mercedes has returned to its SL roadster roots as well as an interview with former NFLer Tony Siragusa. Plus, see how cigar lovers have built creative “man caves” in their homes, as well as an interview with Davidoff’s Hendrik Kelner.

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Cover : Laurence of the Cinema - The distinguished actor Laurence Fishburne, who began his career as a child, cut his teeth on Apocalypse Now and went on to a career of memorable film projects, has lately enjoyed small-screen success in TV’s “Hannibal.” Now he returns to the movies as Perry White in Man of Steel. Why is that fitting? He’s a big comic fan.

    Golf : Open-Minded - America’s national championship is not so much a test of skill as of will. With classic courses fine-tuned for treachery, playing the tournament is a constant process, weighing risk against reward, until it becomes more a mind field than a minefield. Also, a look at the public venues that have hosted the U.S. Open.

    Gambling : Missing Your Marker - What happens when you play on credit and can’t pay the piper? Whether the casino treats your marker like a bounced check or some hard guys show up at your door with a wrench, gambling with borrowed money can turn out to be a bitch.

    Cars : The Mercedes Diet - How the German automaker put its long-lived SL line on a slimming regimen, achieving slighter dimensions on the sixth-generation SL that recall the original model: the legendary Gullwing that defined sports cars to come.

    Profile : Tony Siragusa - Whether delivering punishing hits on the gridiron as a defensive lineman, smoking Cubans with Charlie Sheen, talking sports on television or hosting “Man Caves,” the former Baltimore Raven they call Goose lives life on his own terms.

    Industry : Henke Kelner - The cigar legend behind Davidoff’s transition to the Dominican Republic talks about how the taste profile changed after the company left Cuba, and his theories about mapping tobacco types on the tongue.

    Culture : Man Caves - From the sumptuous and ambitious to the simple and easily achievable, gentlemen’s retreats meant for sodality or solitude are the rage in indoor masculine décor. And, of course, there should always be room for a great cigar.

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