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In the March/April 2013
Cigar Aficionado

Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons doesn't care what you think about his cigar smoking. He’s going to puff away regardless. The April issue of Cigar Aficionado goes into detail about the actor’s craft and his love for fine smokes. Also, find out why so many cigar companies are releasing small batch brands and what “small batch” actually means. Plus, a look at the greatest moments in sport from the last 20 years, the best luxury cars of the year and we talk with PGA pro Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey.

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Cover : Irons Will - As the nefarious pope in cable’s “The Borgias,” Jeremy Irons will stop at nothing—even murder—to get his way. As an actor he’s always shown a tendency to choose roles on his own terms. And he has no qualms about professing his love of tobacco.

    Golf : The Gloves Are On - It wasn’t just his penchant for wearing two gloves that made Tommy Gainey’s entry into the exclusive club of PGA Tour winners an anomaly. At the ripe old age of 37, he had taken a circuitous route of mini-tours, money matches and moonlight jobs to reach the inner circle.

    Gambling : Sports Betting Tournaments - Match play in sports betting tournaments draws in professionals and amateurs alike with its combination of plenty of action and high payoffs for modest entry fees. It’s also a way for casinos to drum up lots of interest and make events like March Madness a little crazier.

    Sports : Twenty Years of Greatness - Between the excellence of Michael Jordan, the drama of Tiger Woods, the ascendancy of the Boston Red Sox and the upsets courtesy of the New York Giants, the past two decades have been filled with lots of great acts. We offer a score of outsized moments and personalities.

    Cars : The Best of the Best - With green machines, crossovers, tech cars, mini entries and super sports, a luxury market once defined by the foot and the pound is forever growing in new directions. We choose the utmost in a slew of categories.

    Tech : Neat Tricks - Creeping clutter got you down? We give loads of advice on how to digitize—without much payout—those important records, scraps of paper and even books that are taking up valuable space. You can also condense more modern forms of information like CDs and DVDs into tidy, accessible lots.

    Profile : Richard Parsons - The former head of Citigroup and Time Warner is sitting pretty as he negotiates retirement after a life spent putting himself into the position “where I can now do not things I have to do but things I want to do.” One of those things is smoking cigars.

    Industry : When Smaller is Better - Cigar makers are taking a page from whiskey distillers and creating small-batch lines that use high-quality, low-yield tobacco. Be they regular production or one-offs, these tiny brands are striking up a lot of interest with discerning smokers.

    Cuba Report : Havana Heaven - In direct contrast to the dark days of the late ’90s when Cuban cigars had fallen off their pedestal, 2012 marks a year of greatness for the fabled source of hand-rolled tobacco.

    Made For You : Made For You - Make your own gin; the perfect pilsner glass; fancy footwear; private jets with smaller investment; stockcar racing camp; and keeping your white wine chilled.


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