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In the July/August 2012
Cigar Aficionado

Jeff Daniels-The Newsroom

In the August issue of Cigar Aficionado, Jeff Daniels stars in Aaron Sorkin's "The Newsroom," a show about an overly candid news anchor. We also feature Bubba Watson, the winner of this year's Masters golf tournament, offer our annual NFL preview, and take a look at how some corporate moneymen use their gambling skills to gain long-term profit. Plus, profiles of Jeff Borysiewicz, a big-box cigar store owner who is fighting for cigar rights, and La Aurora, the Dominican Republic's oldest cigarmaker.

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Cover : Inside "The Newsroom" - Aaron Sorkin tapped screen and stage star Jeff Daniels for the lead in his latest vehicle, “The Newsroom,” a show about an overly candid news anchor. The actor stresses the importance of great writing and explains why he’d seriously like to reprise his Dumb and Dumber role.

    Golf : Bubba Busts Out - Bubba Watson, of the supersonic swing and free spirit, burst onto the golf firmament with his dramatic win at The Masters. But don’t expect success to change his enormous passion nor his willingness to show emotion.

    Gambling : The Winning Edge - Meet the corporate moneymen who put their skill and knowledge to work for fun and—more importantly—profit in casino games and even fantasy football.

    Sports : NFL Preview - Between high-profile trades, suspensions and tragedy, the NFL’s off-season rivaled the regular season for action. Our pigskin prognosticator assesses the developments and makes some bold picks.

    Watches : The Calendar Conundrum - For centuries, applying a date function to a watch has demanded either tremendous craftsmanship or a compromise with a movement that needs constant resetting. A new niche offers a cool medium.

    Profile : Mr. Borysiewicz Goes to Washington - How the owner of a big-box cigar store chain made his first visit to the seat of government—not as a tourist, but to fight exorbitant tobacco taxes—and won.

    Industry : La Aurora - The Dominican Republic’s oldest cigarmaker got that way with a focused attention on the business and a knack for interesting innovation, like its Japanese 5S work principles.

    Cuba Report : Buying at the Source - Despite inflation, Havana remains the place to go for good buys in cigar. The key is sticking to the classic brands.


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