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In the July/August 2011 Cigar Aficionado

Joe Mantegna

In the August issue of Cigar Aficionado, actor and longtime cigar smoker Joe Mantegna tells us about growing up in Chicago as an aspiring actor and how he aims to stay in Hollywood's Major Leagues. Plus, the story behind sports championship rings, a profile on legendary golfer Miquel Angel Jimenez, the Grucci family tell us about their love of cigars and fireworks, a feature on how high rollers enjoy the Bellagio and the head of General Cigar, Dan Carr, discusses business.

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Sad Day in New York

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Good Life Guide

Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator

Celestron Skyprodigy Telescopes

Citrus Drinks of Summer

The Gent's Bike

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BMW 650i Cabriolet

The Sagamore Resort

Make Your Own Beer

The Wayfarer Look

Going Whole Hog


Mantegna Marches on
Joe Mantegna’s blend of strong character and underlying humor has brought him success in the burgeoning drama scene of Chicago of the ’70s, the cinema (especially interpreting the words of David Mamet) and now on the small screen with TV’s “Criminal Minds.”
Miguel Angel Jimenez’s Good Life
This Spanish touring pro is living the dream as he makes his living on the golf course, but still takes time to enjoy cigars and wine, as as smelling the roses.
Big-Time Bellagio
More than just the fountains soar for high-rollers at the Bellagio Casino. VIP service offers beyond-the-call-of-duty comps that might bring a star to your private performance or put you on the foul line in an NBA arena.
Grabbing the Gold Ring
The championship rings awarded to the best of the sports world may get bigger and more ornate, but one aspect of this trophy jewelry will never go out of style: they always represent excellence.
Buick Looks to China
How the upscale auto division dodged the reorg bullet at General Motors through an unlikely alliance with the giant communist nation and its empirical past.


Start the Fireworks
The Grucci family, which has set off pyrotechnic artistry at the Olympics and several presidential inaugurations, likes to light up something different when they relax: cigars.
Cuba Report
The Behike Man
The copresident of Habanos S.A, Jorge Luís Fernández Maique talks to Gordon Mott about the responsbilities of managing the joint Spanish-Cuban cigar company and his stewardship of the great Cohiba Behike cigar sensation.
General Cigar's Dan Carr
The man who presides over the vast General Cigar empire has a comprehensive conversation with David Savona, speaking to new trends in the market place, the C.A.O. takeover and the challenges of tobacco regulation.

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