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In the November/December 2010 Cigar Aficionado

Jim Belushi

In the December issue of Cigar Aficionado, Jim Belushi lets us know if his new TV show is all drama or has some room for humor. Also, we explore Scotland's whisky experiences, take you on a tour of Drew Estate, profile weather guru Jim Cantore, present our annual holiday cigar gift guide, look back at the 10 biggest blunders in golf history, and offer our official NBA preview.

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An Open Letter to Mayor Michael Bloomberg

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Belushi's Dramatic Turn
Known for his comic acting, Jim Belushi finds a new television home on “The Defenders.” The dramatic show—with plenty of room for humor—is about two colorful Las Vegas lawyers. It seems he might have predicted the switch 30 years ago, had he only listened to his big brother.
Losing by the Rules
Some of the game’s greatest blunders have been committed not with errant shots or misplays but by forgetting the serpentine rules of golf. A grounded club, an erroneous scorecard and an overstuffed bag can all spell defeat according to an honor code that’s often enforced by the culprits themselves.
Finding Fortune in Fantasy Football
Arm-chair general managers have long vied with dream rosters, comparing how their selections match up through real yardage earned on the field. Now, some hardcore stat junkies are putting their fantasies where their wallets are and stand to win six-figure payoffs.
The World's Greatest Hotels
On its fifth anniversary, Cigar Aficionado revisits our iconoclastic look at the best in hotels and resorts. We travel the globe, as well as close to home, and bring back the skinny in categories like golf meccas, ski stays, safaris, spas and city palaces.
The Mighty Few
Lebron James may not have iced an NBA championship with his move to Miami, but one thing is sure: few teams are in contention in a league marked by stand-out lineups. We take a look at the squads that have what it takes to go all the way this season.
British Sterling
The English penchant for crafting plush classics with skads of style is the stuff of legend, but the cars’ big frames and even bigger price tags seemed to have made them anachronisms in a time of belt-tightening. Now the Brits break out with a number of models with nods to down-sizing and reducing carbon footprints.
Charting Scotch Land
From the Highlands to the Lowlands, Speyside and the enigmatic Islands, single-malt Scotch offers a wide selection of whisky experiences. While regional styles are strong, every distillery reflects nuances all its own that make each unique and worth experiencing.


Jim Cantore
You’re used to seeing Jim Cantore, the Weather Channel guru, surrounded by whipping wind and swelling seas. But when this self-described weather freak kicks back, he prefers atmospheric conditions that are informed by fine cigar smoke.
Drew Estate
The barrier-breaking Drew Estate, with its flavored Acid cigars, penchant for art work and industry-defying pedigrees, follows but two rules: make popular cigars and do it your way. Now, the company enters the traditional market.
Cuba Report
Cuba’s House
A look inside La Casa del Habano, the global chain of Cuban cigar stores

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