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In the July/August 2010
Cigar Aficionado

Sylvester Stallone

In the June issue of Cigar Aficionado, Sylvester Stallone talks about his storied career of twists and triumphs as well as his new movie. Also, Fred Couples' appearance is a boost for the Champions Tour, high-end auto makers look to green technology, and we take an inside look at master blender Jose "Pepin" Garcia's new factory in Nicaragua.

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    Cover : Stallone Survivor - For Sylvester Stallone it’s been a storied career, full of twists and triumphs—the latest stop is an on-screen encounter with both Schwarzenegger and Willis in The Expendables—with one common denominator: you get your ass kicked, but survive.

    Golf : Senior Circuit Savior - Fred Couples brings new hope to golf’s Champions Tour, the circuit for the 50-and-over crowd. His cool demeanor and superstar glow are pulling in the spectators and the sponsors once again.

    Gambling : The Part-Time Panthers - The stakes are just as high and the skill levels as daunting as in professional poker. So why do they call the best of the recreational players amateurs? Because they haven’t quit their often-exalted day jobs yet.

    Cars : Hitting New Heights - Luxury carmakers are ramping up their options as down-market cars get posher. And it’s not all speed and size. Some extras come in small, green packages.

    Profile : José Feliciano - The virtuoso guitarist with the talent for crossover and controversy talks about his love of music and cigars.

    Industry : Pepin Garcia - The founder of My Father Cigars has led a whirlwind career since touching down in Miami from Cuba. Now he follows a string of high-scoring cigars with a major expansion.


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