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In the July/August 2008
Cigar Aficionado

Kevin Costner

The latest issue of Cigar Aficionado showcases Kevin Costner's impressive portfolio of films as well as his new summer movie. Also, the biggest names in the cigar industry tell you what size smoke they prefer most, and a self-proclaimed poker hack infiltrates the youthful world of online poker.

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Gambling : No-Limit Assassins - While not household names on the gambling circuit, several young poker pros have made a killing playing the game online.

    Travel : Tailored Treks - For many travelers, nothing beats one-of-a-kind trips that cater to their particular interests, however luxurious or off-the-wall

    Cars : Jaguar Lands On Its Feet Again - The British maker of speedy and stylish cars lives another life as Ford sells its luxury marque to an Indian company known for autos aimed at the middle class

    Industry : The Love of Lanceros - The long, thin cigars are making a comeback among true connoisseurs


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