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In the Nov/Dec 2007
Cigar Aficionado

Tom Selleck

Pick up your latest issue of Cigar Aficionado, featuring an interview with Tom Selleck. Also, a trio of 96-point Havanas from the '90s, the excitement around Jose "Pepin" Garcia, on-location smoking with Josh Bernstein, and ratings and notes on 79 cigars. That and much, much more, on newsstands now.

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Cigars : Flynn's Last Fling - As a freelance correspondent for Hearst, Errol Flynn interviewed Fidel Castro extensively on the eve of the Cuban revolution in December 1958 and was with the rebel leader after his triumphant entry into Havana the following week.

    Cover : Magnum Opus - In "Las Vegas" and the Jesse Stone series, Tom Selleck reminds us why he is one of America's best-loved actors.

    Golf With Marvin : More Confessions of a Weekend Golfer: Year in Review - Sadly, I was not the shotmaker as often as I would have liked in 2007. That being said, 2007 was a defining year for me. To date this year, I have played more than 75 rounds at more than 30 different golf courses, including seven of the top 10 courses.

    Gambling : Rolling the Dice in Paradise - High-stakes backgammon players flock to Monte Carlo to pit themselves against the competition and soak in the opulence

    Travel : The World's Best New Hotels & Resorts - The world population has never been wealthier and demand for luxury goods, services and accommodations is at an unprecedented high. Whether today's affluent travelers are traversing the globe on business or vacation, they are demanding the finest places at which to stay, from rustic escapes to modern urban hotels.

    Sports : Zoning In - It's called The Zone—an elevated state of consciousness and focus where athletes perform beyond normal levels. But is it real?

    Cars : Dynamic Diesels - Driven by economic and environmental concerns, diesel-engine cars are gaining traction in Europe. Will the mania for compression ignition make a comeback in America?

    Tech : Pixel This! - The confident shopper's guide to digital cameras

    Watches : Power Watches - Today, wearing the right watch signifies to your friends, colleagues and even your adversaries that you are on top of things. The power watch is formal, yet sporting and active, and is loaded with a certain substance and style that exudes confidence in any setting. Most of all, its appearance demands attention.

    Planes : Decked-Out Jets - From sitting rooms to karaoke lounges to movie theaters, clients are customizing private planes to their exacting standards

    Profile : The Two Worlds Of Josh Bernstein - The globe-trotter who hosted The History Channel's "Digging for the Truth" and now stars in a new series for the Discovery Channel is as comfortable in modern culture as he is among primitive societies. And he finds room to smoke in both.

    Cuba Report : The Robusto Generation - Once the province of Cuban-cigar connoisseurs, the short, stout smoke is one of today's most popular sizes

    Culture : The Cigar Quote Primer - Some of the most celebrated sayings about cigars have a long, colorful and sometimes surprising history


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