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In the May/June 2005
Cigar Aficionado

Jimmy Smits

Pick up your latest issue of Cigar Aficionado and have a smoke with Jimmy Smits. Also, cigar-industry charity, casino-backed golf courses, a classic Flor de Cano, Chrysler's comeback, betting baseball, pool's lady pros, the muscle of "American Chopper" and much, much more, on newsstands now.

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Profile : Born to be Wild - The success of "American Chopper" rests not only on the beauty of the bikes the stars create but on their combative relationship as well.

Ladies of the Cloth - In a sport with few financial rewards, professional pool players play for the love of the game.

  • Women of CA gallery

    • Cover : Mr. Smits Goes to Washington - Jimmy Smits talks softly and without a big shtick about the education of Hollywood, his love of cigars and a possible (scripted) move to the West Wing.

      Golf : Winning is Everything - The PGA Tour in 2004 welcomed ten first-time victors, from rookies to veterans who had toiled for years

    Casino Courses - Once an afterthought, golf has become a necessity in the quest to lure high-roller gamblers

      Gambling : Long Balls & Long Shots - For many longtime gamblers, the challenge of beating baseball is irresistible

      Sports : Foul Behavior - Pro athletes are facing heavier fines and longer suspensions for misconduct, but league officials feel it's a small price for maintaining the image and marketability of their sports

      Cars : What's Driving Chrysler's Comeback - How DaimlerChrysler stanched the fiscal blood flow at its U.S. division with a return to its heritage of edgy innovations and a model that has been turning bling into ca-ching

      Tech : Cool, Calm, Connected - Whole-home entertainment delivers the digital promise of shared music, photos, video and more

      Industry : Cigars For Hope - Cigarmakers and their customers have a warm heart for the needy

      Cuba Report : Havana Nights 2005 - The Festival del Habano showcased some great new cigars and lots of revelry as usual


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