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In the Mar/Apr 2005
Cigar Aficionado

Morgan Freeman

Pick up your latest issue of Cigar Aficionado and explore the success story of Morgan Freeman. Also, a Q&A with Alfons Mayer, cigars on the greens, a Monte No. 1 from the 1950s, the expanding of NASCAR, satellite sound, the house that Fuente built and much, much more, on newsstands now.

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Cover : The Greatest - Morgan Freeman has earned his stellar reputation with some of the most compelling movie roles of the last 25 years.

    Golf : Smoker's Heavens - Cigar Aficionado's well-traveled golf writer picks his favorite golf courses to smoke cigars in the United States and around the world

    Gambling : Lady Luck - While high-stakes gambling has long been a male domain, a number of women are bringing home the bacon

    Sports : On the Fast Track - Once the sport of bootleggers, NASCAR is quickly becoming America's favorite pastime

    Cars : Auto Spies - For car mags and web sites eager to get the goods on the latest models, espionage is the name of the game

    Tech : Satellite Radio Blasts Off - XM and Sirius satellite radio services reach orbital velocity with an army of listeners and tantalizing new options. What's your best choice?

    Profile : The Big O - With a cigar in hand, Oscar Robertson, one of the greatest guards in basketball history, looks back on his life, his Hall of Fame career and the NBA today.

    Cuba Report : A Cigar Icon - The Fuente Fuente OpusX's unique origins make it a truly sublime smoke

    News : The 2004 Montecristo Cup - As the Caribbean sun rose over the gently swaying palm trees, a semi-organized army of golf carts rolled out from the first tee, spreading out across the Dorado Beach East golf course in Puerto Rico. It was time for the 2004 Montecristo Cup to begin.

    Q&A : Q&A: The Silent Legend - An Interview with Alfons Mayer, the globe-travelling tobacco buyer for General Cigar Co.


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