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In the Nov/Dec 02
Cigar Aficionado

10th Anniversary Issue

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Cigars : A Decade to Remember - Against all odds, Cigar Aficionado magazine launched in 1992 and triggered one of the most unexpected cultural phenomena of the '90s: the cigar renaissance

    Drink : Battle at the Bar - The quest for the perfect cigar and spirit pairing is never ending. And that's a good thing.

Cigars Movers and Shakers - A collection of profiles about leading members of the cigar industry.

    Industry : The Exodus - When Fidel Castro threw Cuba's cigarmakers out of their factories, he unwittingly re-created an industry

A New Era for Cuban Cigars? - Recent improvements have occured throughout Cuba's cigar industry

Brand Awareness - So how is it that for almost every classic Cuban brand, a cigar made outside of Cuba shares its name? In most cases, it happened because a cigarmaker left Cuba after his company was confiscated and felt he still had the right to his cigar's name.

    Cuba Report : Cigar Diary: In the Box - Cuba has created lots of excitement with its limited-edition cigars and humidors


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