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In the May/Jun 02
Cigar Aficionado

Cuban Spy Scandal

Up Front Good Life Guide Features
    Cover : America's Cuban Territory - Long before the arrival of al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners, the U.S. base at Guantánamo Bay has been a source of tension and controversy

The Cuban Spy Connection - An American female intelligence analyst was convicted in March of spying for Cuba for 16 years

    Golf : Coming of Age - For Senior Pro Jim Thorpe life began at Fifty

    Gambling : The Return of Thoroughbred Mania - The sport of kings is enjoying a resurgence thanks to aficionados such as new york racing association chairman barry schwartz

    Sports : The Money Pitch - The Widening gap between rich and poor teams means only a handful will have a shot at the World Series

    Cars : BMW's 7th Heaven - Bavaria's "ultimate driving machine" takes the next step, but not without some controversy

    Style : Driving Force - Stylish Italian shoes made for driving cars are hitting the streets

    Dining : The Laundry Man - Undeterred by a tumultuous culinary past, Thomas Keller turned the French Laundry into one of America's top restaurants

    History : The Cuban Trade Embargo Paradox - President Bush is intent on toughening restrictions on Cuba, while the American people and the U.S. Congress are ready to lift them

    Industry : A Leaf of Their Own - Dominican Republic cigarmakers are following the example of Fuente Fuente OpusX and growing their own wrapper tobacco


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