In the May/Jun 01 Cigar Aficionado

The Cuba Issue

Up Front

Editors' Note
Can You Believe It?


Insights: Investing
The California utilities mess is driving down utilities stocks nationwide, creating appealing bargains
Insights: Politics
Public Service Decades of government-bashing by politicians and the media are reaping a dangerous harvest
Insights: Indulgences
Fever Shopping for one of Enzo's creations? Don't let your heart rule your head
Insights: Culture
rom Pontiacs to Jaguars, cars say a lot about the man behind the wheel
Insights: Sports
As long as the money is big, sports agents are inevitable - and some will go bad
On the Road to Tobacco Country
A journey into the Vuelta Abajo, land of the world's best cigar leaves
Investing In Paradise with Cameron Young
Investing in Paradise Long a forbidden fruit for businessmen, Cuba offers opportunity as well as peril
Dreaming of Cuba
The fabled island begins to offer choices for sophisticated travelers
Getting to Cuba
How does an American travel to the forbidden island?
Eating Well in Cuba
The few quality restaurants get better, but finding good food remains difficult
The Best Hotels in Cuba
Once limited in lodging options, travelers now have a choice of top-flight accommodations
Havana Cigar Shops
About 40 years ago, Havana had hundreds of small cigar factories and shops churning out and selling smokes for locals as well as visitors to the former Spanish colonial city. Today, only a few factories and shops exist, but their enormous selection of cigars remains incomparable.
Havana Nights
With its discos and live music, the Cuban capital offers a number of ways to let off steam
The Batista-Lansky Alliance
How the mafia and a Cuban dictator built Havana's casinos
Cuba's New Paradise
Cuba has some of the grandest beaches, and many are in Cayo Largo, an island about 115 miles southeast of Havana.
Chasing the Dream

Sports Memorabilia Dealers
Collecting baseball cards and old uniforms has become big business
Laptops of Luxury
Our Nominees for the Portable Computer Haul of Fame
Cabernet Cult
Napa Valley's forgotten classics still make outstanding acquisitions


The Decline of Cuban Cigars
Only a few brands still rate outstanding
Cuba Report
Back to the Drawing Board
Plugged smokes are plaguing the quality of Cuban cigars
The Quiet Man
You might not know José Seijas, but you probably smoke his cigars.

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