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In the Mar/Apr 01
Cigar Aficionado

The Sopranos

Up Front Features Insights: Culture - The prudes have to face it: swearing is fun

Insights: Politics - With a disputed election and partisan policies, the self-proclaimed "healing" president has his work cut out for him

Insights: Finance - Investing in fragments of a company can sometimes pay off handsomely

Insights: Indulgences - King of Cutlery James Robinson's sterling silver flatware is truly "the best"

Insights: Sports - Baseball may evolve, but some things never change. A pundit looks at the state of the game

    Cover : The Sopranos: Mob Rule - The wiseguys of HBO's "The Sopranos" take a shot at another season of the award-winning show.

    Golf : Gourmet Golf - France's Loire Valley Serves up a Heady Diet of First-Class Cuisine and Bargain Golf

    Travel : The River Wild - For River Rats and Amateurs Alike, There's No Thrill Quite Like Riding the Rapids

    Places : Lake Effects - With its lush mountain valleys and pristine scenery, Lake Louise in western Canada is an outdoorsman's paradise

    Tech : Palm Reading - Evaluating your needs will help you pick the perfect PDA

    Fishing : The High Church of Salmon - The private camps of Canada are where faithful anglers go to worship the most romantic of fish

    Planes : Taking To The Sky - Most Anyone Can Fly in an Airplane, But Only a Fortunate Few Can Do The Flying

    Industry : La Gloria Miami - Under the aegis of new owner Swedish Match, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo will debut a special Miami version of his La Gloria Cuban

    Cuba Report : Lost Great Smokes - Today's Cuban cigars are good quality but lack the richness of years past


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