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In the Jan/Feb 01
Cigar Aficionado

Dennis Hopper

Up Front Features Insights: Finance - A brief history of hedge funds, and how you can buy in

Insights: Indulgence - Once the soul domain of local jewelers, precious stones can now be purchased wholesale online

Insights: Politics - As the world's powerhouse, America must take its commitment seriously

Insights: Sports - Golfing legend and television commentator Ken Venturi reflects on a life on the links

    Cigars : Checkpoint Churchill - Taking Nicaraguan cigars to Nicaragua, however, seemed absurd, especially in the 1970s. But no one knew what would be available during the Sandinista revolution.

    Golf : Golf American Style - Plumbing magnate Herbert Kohler Jr. has molded a top-tier golf destination out of the Wisconsin countryside

    Gambling : Winning at the Big 3 - Everyone's got a buddy or an Uncle with winning gambling strategies, here are some that actually work.

    Travel : Paradise Island - Lanai offers a Hawaiian experience replete with luxury resorts and unspoiled vistas

    Cars : Roughing It with Style - Whether you call them SUV's, SAV's or sport-utes, off-road-capable vehicles are getting as luxe as their on-road cousins

    Tech : Buy and Cell - Which cell phone is for you? We pick the best

    Drink : A Passion for Port - The limited production of vintage port is keeping frenzied fanatics thirsting for more

    Profile : A $20 Nassau - An old Cuban master and an Italian Entrepreneur make Graycliff cigars in the Bahamas

    Cuba Report : The Vegas Robaina Conundrum - The silky leaves grown by a Cuban master bear little resemblance to the cigars named after him

    Culture : Shopping in Cuba - Havana's most popular cigar sizes are back on the shelves.

Cutting and Lighting - The best way to cut and light your cigar.


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