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In the Nov/Dec 00
Cigar Aficionado

Kevin Costner

Up Front Features Insights: Culture—Rumor Has It - Gossip's redeeming qualities make it a cornerstone of democracy

Auction Report

Insights: Sports—NBA Preview - Taking a look at the NBA teams and players to watch in the coming season

Insights: Politics—The Election's Even Split - The 2001 Congress will likely be divided down the middle

Insights: Indulgences—Caviar Dreams - More than just fish eggs, caviar is a truly tasteful extravagance

Insights: Finance—Seduced by Growth Stocks - Although the market is more challenging, wisely chosen growth stocks are still a good investment

Great Moments - Rolling with the Karma

    Cover : Profile in Courage - In the political thriller Thirteen Days, Kevin Costner explores the Cuban Missile Crisis and how John and Robert Kennedy saved the world.

    Golf : Betting on the Greens - Las Vegas entrepreneurs are adding stunning golf courses to the city's list of attractions

    Gambling : Hits and Runs - Many wish to win in Vegas, few have the brass it takes to score big.

    Cars : Cyber Cars - Computers take the wheel as the Auto industry turns to electronic bells and whistles

    Casinos : To Catch a Thief - Security teams use modern surveillance methods to foil con games as old as casinos themselves.

    Collecting : March of the Toy Soldiers - From ancient Egypt to the present, collectors have gathered their own miniature armies

Raising the Steaks - Las Vegas Steak Houses

    Profile : Trial by Fire - Fires, hurricanes and legal battles haven't dampened the Fuente family's passion for making cigars

    News : One Tough Leaf - Dark cigars are hot, and that calls for dark, rugged Connecticut broadleaf


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