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In the May/Jun 00
Cigar Aficionado

Kevin Bacon

Up Front Features Insights: Politics—Taboo Topics - Want to stop a presidential candidate in his tracks? Say "China," "drug abuse" or "government waste"

Insights: Culture—Women Behind the Throne - Today's female politicians can learn a lot from the women of the eighteenth-century French court

Insights: Sports—Tale of the Tennis Titans - Agassi and Sampras prepare for Grand Slam showdowns

Insights: Indulgences—A Cut Above - The Mecca for custom-made shirts is a small firm in New York City

Insights: Finance - Micro-cap stocks are proof that great investment gifts can come in small packages

    Hotels : Super Spas - Resort spas offer luxury, pampering and realistic fitness approaches

A Woman's Best Friend - A Woman's Best Friend Is Four-Legged, Furry--and thinks With Its Nose

Unconditional Love - Once hunters and protectors, today's dogs have been promoted to family members. here's how to choose, train and love a dog

    Travel : Monterrey Magic - For sheer beauty and peace, look no further than Monterey, California

    Sports : Sports Book Betting - A gambling theorist turns to sports betting to beat the odds--and the house

    Cars : Ford's Top Driver - Ford CEO Jac Nasser's thinking escapes the confines of brick-and-mortar car making

    Style : Dressing Down - Dressed-down dress codes can be confusing, but there are stylish solutions

    Art : Painted Treasures - Investing in Oils Portrait paintings capture more than simple images, becoming family treasures and paying dividends as status symbols

    Cuba Report : Gift Wrapper - For a small-town farmer in the Vuelta Abajo, making quality cigar wrappers is all in the family


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