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In the Mar/Apr 00
Cigar Aficionado

J.P. Morgan

Up Front Features Auctions - Bidding for Time

Shiv Niwas Palace Hotel, Udaipur, India

    Cover : American Dynasties - Tycoons have come and gone, but few are the titans that form dynasties. In America, much weighs against the family that seeks to preserve a financial power base for generations.

American Tycoons - Tycoon. The word comes from Japan, where it means the equivalent of shogun. But long ago America confiscated the title. It was in the U.S. that tycoons became paragons of power and influence. American tycoons swung deals, not swords, and changed the

Zeus of Wall Street - In the early years of corporate America, J.P. Morgan was the undisputed king of U.S. Finance.

    Golf : 10 American Beauties - All golf clubs claim prestige, but these are the 10 american beauties. The clubhouses ooze tradition and the courses challenge anyone lucky enough to play them

    Travel : Intrepid Touring - Today's Travelers are Facing Rigor, Danger and Dread--and Loving It

    Sports : Jai Alai: Off the Wall - Hectored by a players' strike and new Gambling options, Jai alai is still americas purest sporting experience

Royal Horseplay - Horsemen from Prince Charles to Outback Steakhouse's Tim Gannon Are Passionate about Polo

    Watches : Swiss Watches - Swiss watchmakers are taking timepieces to a bold newlevel

    Style : Fashion: Adventure Wear - The Style Of The Wild Elegant and Chic, Adventure Wear Is Not Just for Safaris Anymore

La Valentina, Mexico City

    Industry : Ecuador: Land of Fire - Ecuadoran cigar wrapper tobacco thrives in a world of volcanoes and perpetual cloud cover.

Death of a Legend - Legendary cigarmaker Ramón Cifuentes Toriello, the mind behind Partagas cigars for decades, died at his sister's home in Madrid on January 3. He was 91.

    Culture : Smokescreens - For the past few years, public health officials and anti-smoking activists have been pushing a false equation between cigars and cigarettes. Are reporters wising up?


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