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In the Jul/Aug 99
Cigar Aficionado

Ernest Hemingway

Up Front Features Hotel Byblos, Saint Tropez, France

    Cover : Remembering Papa - One Hundred years after his birth, Ernest Hemingway's proud and painful legacy endures.

    Golf : A Golf Home on the Road - The TPC Network of Golf Courses Provides Sanctuary for Itinerant Duffers on its System of Clubs Spread Throughout the Country and Across The Globe

    Gambling : Big Hand for a Little Lady - Cyndy Violette belies the stereotypes and Makes Sexism Pay in the macho world of High-stakes poker

    Sports : Baseball Diplomacy - Do Two Historic Matchups of Cuban and American Teams Signal a Softening of International Tensions?

Sports Inc. - Marquee Group, an International Management Team That Matches Agents, Promoters and Marketers, May Be the Look of Sports To Come

The Sweet Smells of Success - Men's Colognes Have Grown Up and So Has the Way They Sell the Smell

    Hobbies : Family Trees - Baby Boomers, Fascinated by Tales of Their Famous and Infamous Ancestors, Have Made Genealogy One of America's Hottest Hobbies

    Collecting : A Few Small Men - Collectors Mount Furious Assaults to Accumulate Rare and Intricately Detailed Toy Miniatures

    Wine : California's New Stars - A Handful of Small Producers Are Creating Some of the Golden State's Greatest, and Most Elusive, Wines

    Planes : The Jet Set - CEOs and Entrepreneurs Queue Up To Buy the Ultimate in Private UltraLong- Distance Jet Travel

    Profile : A Sweet Second Act - Portraying suave guys with a swagger has been Dennis Farina's regular beat since surrendering his police badge in Chicago.

    Industry : Jamaica's Cigar Comeback - Crippled by a 1988 Hurricane, Jamaica's Cigar Industry is Bringing Back the Taste of Days Gone

A Gentle Touch: Hand-Rolling Cigars - For cigar lovers, the artistic genius lies in the touch of hands


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