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In the Jul/Aug 99 Cigar Aficionado

Ernest Hemingway

Up Front

Editors' Note
Let Freedom Ring

Out of the Humidor


New York Palace, New York

Hotel Byblos, Saint Tropez, France

Remembering Papa
One Hundred years after his birth, Ernest Hemingway's proud and painful legacy endures.
A Golf Home on the Road
The TPC Network of Golf Courses Provides Sanctuary for Itinerant Duffers on its System of Clubs Spread Throughout the Country and Across The Globe
Big Hand for a Little Lady
Cyndy Violette belies the stereotypes and Makes Sexism Pay in the macho world of High-stakes poker
Baseball Diplomacy
Do Two Historic Matchups of Cuban and American Teams Signal a Softening of International Tensions?
Sports Inc.
Marquee Group, an International Management Team That Matches Agents, Promoters and Marketers, May Be the Look of Sports To Come
The Sweet Smells of Success
Men's Colognes Have Grown Up and So Has the Way They Sell the Smell
The Sweet Smells of Success
Men's Colognes Have Grown Up and So Has the Way They Sell the Smell
Family Trees
Baby Boomers, Fascinated by Tales of Their Famous and Infamous Ancestors, Have Made Genealogy One of America's Hottest Hobbies
A Few Small Men
Collectors Mount Furious Assaults to Accumulate Rare and Intricately Detailed Toy Miniatures
The Inn at Little Washington, Washington, Virginia

California's New Stars
A Handful of Small Producers Are Creating Some of the Golden State's Greatest, and Most Elusive, Wines
The Jet Set
CEOs and Entrepreneurs Queue Up To Buy the Ultimate in Private UltraLong- Distance Jet Travel


A Sweet Second Act
Portraying suave guys with a swagger has been Dennis Farina's regular beat since surrendering his police badge in Chicago.
Jamaica's Cigar Comeback
Crippled by a 1988 Hurricane, Jamaica's Cigar Industry is Bringing Back the Taste of Days Gone
A Gentle Touch: Hand-Rolling Cigars
For cigar lovers, the artistic genius lies in the touch of hands
Great Moments: A Gift of Champions

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