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In the May/Jun 99
Cigar Aficionado

The Cuba Issue

Up Front Features
    Clubbing : Night Moves - The Tropicana Still Rules, But Sizzling Entertainment Can Be Found Almost Any Where in Havana

    Cigars : The Pilgrimage - Cigar Factory Tours Can Be the Holy Grail for Aficionados Touring Havana. But Be Prepared to Do Some Penance

    Cover : Tighten the Screws - The Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Says Now is Not the Time to Ease Up on Cuba

Economic War Against Cuba

Field of Dreams: Pinar del Rio - A Visit to the Pinar Del Río region Highlights the Island's Most Famous Export

Whose Embargo Is It, Anyway?

    Travel : Smokin' Shops: Cigar Merchants - Visitors to Havana Will Be Pleasantly Surprised with the Selection and Knowledge of Its Top Cigar Merchants

Hit the Beach - With its Glistening Sand and Luxury Hotels, Varadero Harks Back to Cuba's Glory Days

Brave Old World: Havana's Old City - An Ambitious Renovation of Havana's Old City Tries to Reconcile Grit and Glory, Squalor and Splendor

    Places : Your Home in Havana - Whether They Showcase the Old City, the Skyline or the Sea, Havana's Hotels Offer Plenty of Diverse Places to Stay

    Drink : Rum Rundown - The Spirit of Sugarcane is Still Cuba's Favorite Quaff. We Taste the Best

    Dining : Dining a la Cuba - Dining a la Cuba When in Havana, Eat What the Cubans Eat—But Keep it Simple. Here are Some of the City's Best Eateries

    Fishing : Reelin' Them In - Though the Marlin Weren't Biting, a Fishing Trip Out of Cuba's Marina Hemingway Provides its Own Excitement

    Profile : The Many Faces of Cuba - The Nation's Most Influential People Range from Political Leaders Such as Raúl Castro to Athletes, Musicians and Writers

    Venues : Places to Puff - In Havana, One Can Smoke Just About Anywhere, But A Few Time-Honored Haunts Guarantee A Memorable Experience

    Cuba Report : Unforgettable Cuba - Unforgettable Cuba Caught in a Time Warp, the Island Serves Up Yesteryear's Treasures to Visitors While its Residents Struggle On

Cuba's Cigar Summit - Cigar Lovers the World Over Descended Upon Havana in February to Celebrate the Past, Present and Future of Cuban Cigars

    Culture : More than Mambo - With the Easing of Some U.S. Restrictions, Top Cuban Musicians and Artists are Bringing Their Talents North


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