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In the Mar/Apr 99
Cigar Aficionado

Orlando Hernandez

Up Front Features The Regent Sydney, Sydney, Australia

    Gambling : The Gin Mill - America's Clubhouse Card Game Can Sometimes Get Very Serious

    Cars : Marque of Excellence - Can Rolls-Royce, Britain's Name of Distinction, Weather Separation from Its Kid Brother, the Bentley, and Adoption by the Germans?

    Style : Personal Best - A Slew of Custom Tailoring Choices Adds Up to One Thing: A Suit to Fit Each Individual

Smoking in Style - Jewelry Designer Barry Kieselstein-Cord is Far From a Household Name, Which is Just the Way He Likes It

    Art : Art's Next Wave - Today's Artists are Creating Distinctive and Thought-Provoking Works, and Making a Name for Themselves in the Process

    Hobbies : Green Gold - Long Savored Along the Mediterranean, Olive Oil is Adding Zest to America's Diet

    Jewelry : The Silver Standard - How One Collector Found an "Affordable," but Still Shiny, Niche in Precious Metals

    Drink : The New Italian Renaissance - Spurred by the Demise of a Feudal Farming System, a New Generation of Italian Winemakers Has Finally Realized Its Potential

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House, Denver

    Profile : Quick On The Draw - A cigar-smoking bird named Shoe and political caricatures have made Jeff MacNelly a newspaper favorite.

    Industry : Growing Nicaragua - Despite Dictators, Revolution, War and, Last Fall, Hurricane Mitch, Tobacco Men in Nicaragua Keep Planting and Rolling


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