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In the Nov/Dec 98
Cigar Aficionado

John F. Kennedy

Up Front Features
    Profile : From Left to Write - Libertarian curmudgeon and author P.J. O'Rourke muses about fatherhood at 50, the politics of cigar smoking, and why economics is funny.

The Pierre, New York City

    Tribute : Really The Blues - An American Original, This Music Born of Heartbreak But Full of Joy Is Ultimately Simple Yet Hard to Define

    Cigars : Underhand About Secondhand - A Federal Judge Rules that the EPA Put Politics Before Science in their Report that Called Secondhand Smoke a Killer

    Cover : JFK Revisited - A noted historian and Kennedy Administration insider refutes the revisionist version of JFK's legacy.

    Golf : Grand Old Golf - The Courses of the Storied Eastern Resorts Offer a Primer in the Game's History to Those Who Play On Them

    Cars : Porsche Panache - For 50 Years, Germany's Preeminent Sports-Car has Created Noble Speedsters Built for Style, Mystique and Performance

    Style : Fashion: American Dreams - Think All the Best Clothes Come From Europe? Just Look at These Home-Grown Classics

    Collecting : Land Ho! Antique Maps - Used for Centuries to Navigate Routes Over Earth and Sea, Antique Maps Now Attract a host of Collectors--and a Few Thieves

    Dining : Caviar Cachet - Once Plentiful and Cheap, the Sturgeon Roe Craved by Czars Increases in Demand as the Politics of Procurement Become More Byzantine

Maestro of the Myriad - Restaurateur Drew Nieporent owns and operates a veritable dining empire and shows no signs of abdicating his throne.

Alonzo & Berlin's Lobster House, Key West, Florida

Printer's Row, Chicago, Illinois

    Interview : Carlos Fuente - Carlos Fuente Jr. has become one of the most recognizable people in the cigar business. While at the helm of Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia., he has seen the company rise to one of the preeminent positions in the industry.


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