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In the Jan/Feb 98
Cigar Aficionado

Denzel Washington

Up Front Features
    Profile : The Mettle of Iron Mike - Mike Ditka is coaching again, but can the steel will that drove da Bears raise the saints to glory?

Recipe for Success - With a hit TV cooking show and a growing restaurant empire, chef Emeril Lagasse's career is simmering.

Full Circle - Forever suave, George Hamilton bring his timeless style to his new line of cigars and cigar clubs.

The Renaissance Stanford Court Hotel, San Francisco

    Cover : The Real Deal - Denzel Washington passes on the Hollywood star scene for the quiet pleasures of work and family.

    Gambling : Bettor's Rx - The Best (and Worst) Prescriptions for Gambling Fever

    Travel : Skiing from the Sky - For Skiers Tired of Following Other People's Tracks, Heli-Skiing Takes Them Away from It All

    Tech : Corporate PIs - The Burgeoning World of Corporate Security Has Gone From Cloak and Dagger to Computers and Databases

    Style : Vested Suits - Classic as well as Utilitarian, the Three-Piece Suit Is Back--But Did It Ever Really Leave?

    Collecting : The Nostalgia Broker - Alex Shear's Obsession with consumerism Has Created a Mirror of Modern America

    Q&A : An Interview with Manuel Quesada - Owner, MATASA, makers of Fonseca, Licenciados, Romeo y Julieta, Jose Benito, Cubita, Royal Dominicana, Credo and Casa Blanca cigars.

    Culture : Cutting and Lighting - Mastering a few simple but invaluable techniques for cutting and lighting

Great Moments - A Prince Among Men


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