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Michael Richards

Up Front

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Dr. Stable and Mr. Hip
Hector Elizondo may play a hospital chief of staff on TV, but in real life he's a cool cat.
Hotel Excelsior, Florence, Italy

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort, San Antonio, Texas

Selling the Smokes: Vintage Cigar Ads
For More Than a Century, Cigar Ads Were Among the Best in the Business
Falling Up
Michael Richards pratfalls his way to fame and fortune as "Seinfeld's" Cosmo Kramer.
Leading Las Vegas
The World's Most Successful Sports Bettor Tells How He Uses Computers and Guile to Move the Line
Above It All: Hot Air Ballooning
Those with No Particular Place to Go, Ballooning is the Only Way to Travel
Tennis, Everyone?
It's Been Three Decades Since a Few Far-Sighted Officials Rocked the Staid Amateur Tennis Establishment and Jolted the Game into the Modern Era
Buying High-End Audio Equipment
A High-End Retailer Offers His Top Tips on Buying Audio Equipment
Water World: Shopping for Spas and Whirlpools
To Keep from Taking a Bath, Shop for Spas and Whirlpools with Your Mind and Not Your Passions
Coats of Arms
From the Utilarian Apparel of Both War and Peace Comes Classic Outerwear
The Name Game: Collecting Signed First Editions
A Bibliophile's Tales of Collecting Signed First Editions
Going, Going, Gone!
Before Auction Fever Sweeps You Away, Make Sure You Know What You're Buying
Diamond Dreams
In the World of Baseball Memorabilia, it is Best to Keep Your Eyes on the Ball
Sam & Harry's, Washington, D.C.

The Wild Boar, Nashville

Puro Chile, Santiago, Chile

Che's Habanos
During his Years in the Jungle, Cigars Were Che Guevara's Faithful Companion
The Concorde: Faster Than Sound
For the Traveler in a Hurry, 20-year-old Concorde is Still the World's Fastest Way to Fly


French Cinema's Reluctant Genius
Jean-Luc Godard makes incomprehensible films appreciated by tiny audiences, and he has no intention of changing.
Grand Havana Room, New York City
New meaning has been given to the phrase, "Being on top of the world."
Avo Uvezian: The Man in the White Suit
The cigar showman in his mimbre hat and Brioni suit, Avo Uvezian is as recognizable as the cigar that bears his name.
Cuba Report
Cuban Comeback
Though Still Beset by Tobacco Shortages, Cuba Gears Up to Meet the Demand
Powers That Be
In a life marked by one great love and a staggering loss, Stefanie Powers emerges as a woman of uncommon strength.
Great Moments
A Mayor and His Lonsdales

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