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In the Winter 96
Cigar Aficionado

Danny DeVito

Up Front Features The Peninsula Hong Kong

The Carlyle Hotel

    Cigars : Cigars & Academia - The hallowed halls of higher learning often contain a whiff of cigar.

Cigars in the Newsroom - Cigars are a hot story with local TV newscasters.

An Interview With Robert Levin - Owner, Holt's Cigar Store, Inc., and the Ashton Brand

    Cover : DeVito! - Although he has a penchant for dark comedies, actor-director Danny DeVito is serious about his craft, his family and his cigars.

    Golf : The Hustler - One of Golf's Biggest Money-Winners Has Never Appeared on the Pro Circuit

    Gambling : Cigar! - Though His Winning Streak Ended at 16 Races, Cigar Remains the Very Model of the Modern Major Thoroughbred

    Travel : Regal Rentals - Whether It's a Mansion on Mustique or a Castle in Cork, Renting A Luxurious Vacation Home May Cost Less Than You Think

    Sports : Tennis' Old Guard - A New Senior Tour is restaging Some of the Great Court Rivalries of the Past 20 Years

Dominican Diamonds - In the Dominican Republic, Baseball Isn't Just a Pastime--It's an Obsession

    Cars : Driving BMW - BMW Chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder is aggressively turning the German automaker into a world player.

    Watches : The Hands of Time - Classic Watches Are More Than Just Timepieces--They're Works of Art for the Wrist

Going Formal - Despite All the Dressing Down and Casual Fridays, Formal Evening Wear Still Has Its Place

    Hobbies : Smoke On The Water - High Speed Powerboats Offer Thrills--and Chills--to Adventurous Boaters and Their Wallets

    Jewelry : Gifts of the Czar - Carl Fabergé's Gold-and-Enamel Eggs Have Survived Their Romanov Patrons As Triumphs of the Jeweler's Art

Good As Gold - The Metal That Put California and South Africa on the Map Is Still a Hot Commodity Around the World

Las Mañanitas


    History : The Beat Goes On - From the Samba to the Bossa Nova, Brazilians Infuse Their Music with Driving Drums and Mesmerizing Rhythms

Shemp's Last Cigar - The original third Stooge, Shemp Howard spent the end of his career in brother Curly's shadow.

    Profile : Playing the Heavy - Actor Robert Davi has made a career of playing tough guys with a signature cigar.

The Chocolate King - Philanthropist and Candy Maker Milton Hershey Believed in Three Things: Chocolate, Children and Cigars

Smokin' U S A - In The 1920s There Were Speakeasies. In The 1990s There Are Cigar Lounges

    Industry : Reviving a Tradition - A Business Powerhouse in the Dominican Republic, Empresas León Jimenes Is Returning to Its Cigar Making Heritage


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