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In the Summer 96
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Arnold Schwarzenegger

Up Front Features Doing It His Way - Since his teen-idol days in the 1950s, Paul Anka has been setting—and defying—the musical trends.

Tall Tower, Full Power - Cigar at the ready, CBS News Abnchor Dan Rather battles it out in the TV news wars.

The Breakers, Palm Beach, Florida

    Cigars : Light it Up - From Traditional Flints to Turbo Flames, There Is a Wide Range of Choices for High-Quality Cigar Lighters

    Gambling : The Winner's Circle - Owning Thoroughbreds Is an Expensive Gamble Offering Great Rewards--and Costly Losses

    Sports : The Men at the Mike - Recalling the days of sportscasting's legends—Mel Allen, Red Barber, Curt Gowdy And Others—When baseball and cigar smoke were in the air.

Warrior Birds: Hawking - The Ancient Sport of Hawking Gives Outdoorsmen a Ringside Seat in the Primeval War between Hunter and the Hunted

Playing with Mallets - Welcome to the Brutal, Take-No-Prisoners World of Competitive Croquet

Raquet University - Tennis Camps, from Nick Bollettieri's to Harry Hopman's, Turn Games Inside Out in a Couple of Long, Hard Days

    Cars : Straight Shooting - Bob Lutz, president of Chrysler, tells it like it is...all the time.

    Style : British Style - Withstanding Real Estate Developers and Faddish Fashion, London's Legendary Street of Tailors Survives with Its Traditional Stylings Intact

    Collecting : War Games: Chess - Chess Is One of the World's Oldest Games, and Today Elegant and Unusual Sets Are Valued as Collectibles

    Profile : Tobacco Man - Henke Kelner, the maker of Davidoff cigars, is a true lover of the leaf and a demanding connoisseur of a good smoke.

    Venues : Smokin' in L.A. - Despite Stringent Antismoking Laws, L.A. Residents and Visitors Still Have Plenty of Places To Enjoy a Fine Cigar

    Industry : Richard L. DiMeola - Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Consolidated Cigar Corporation

    Cuba Report : Harvest Time in Cuba - Cuba's 1996 Crop Has Been Hit Hard by Bad Weather, but Production May Still Be the Highest in Years


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